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    James Lovelock Instead of robots taking over the world, what if we

    This was restructured by Mr greenports and added to the site with our agreement James Lovelock lives with his wife, Sandy, in an old coastguard’s cottage less than 100 metres from Chesil beach in Dorset. To reach it, you have to drive along a rough, mile-long road, which in stretches has collapsed because of the winter storms that pounded the shingle spit. You must have had a devastating winter, I say when I eventually find the cottage. Not devastating, he insists, despite having been cut off by floods for four days, fascinating. Which sums up Jim Lovelock perfectly. The inventor/scientist/environmentalist is captivated by ...
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    Mind-controlled robotic suit to debut at World Cup 2014

    Sarah Hanaghan might not be the orignal writer, but found this fantastic article and curated it for us to use to post on this site, thanks to them and the original author Shortly before 5pm local time on 12 June at Arena Corinthians in So Paulo, a young paraplegic Brazilian will stand up from a wheelchair, walk over to midfield, and take a kick in the opening ceremony of the 2014 World Cup. For those hoping for miracles at football’s greatest tournament, the scene may be the closest they get to witnessing one. For Miguel Nicolelis, a neuroengineer based at Duke University in North Carolina, the moment demands faith of anoth...
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    IsoHunted To Extinction

    David discovered this article and cooperatively sent it to me to post, so thanks Bit Torrent website IsoHunt.com, a popular website that specializes in downloadable content, is being shut down following a court settlement. The site, which was founded in 2003, was extremely popular with users. Some 7.4 million viewers had visited the site within three years of it going live. At its peak, Isohunt received an average of 40 million searches a month. In response to the California courts ruling, IsoHunts founder Gary Fung wrote on his blog that its sad to see my baby go. The problems began when a group of major corporations, including Disney, Paramount and 20th Century Fox, accused the site of copyright infringement. A large portion of IsoHunts Torrent files contained copyrighted material
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    Sony Unveils PS4

    John Herlosky may not be the orignal writer, but found this magnificent short article and curated it for us to use to post on our site, thanks to them and the original writer Japanese tech giants Sony have unveiled the fourth instalment of the hugely popular Playstation series. The video games device, which was officially exposed at this years E3 Trade event in Los Angeles, California, have been ardently anticipated. Though many of the consoles textures and updates were unveiled in February, Sony had kept prospective buyers guessing on some important facts, including the general design of the Playstation 4. Andrew House, President and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, said the PS4 represents, in many ways, a completely new Playstation. Possibly the reports which has many p
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    Gadget lovers excited over new smartphone models

    Mr greenports may not be the orignal writer, but found this excellent short article and curated it for us to use to post on this site, thanks to them and also the original author The race between smartphone companies continues in the region. Dubai witnessed two interesting product launches on Wednesday. Samsung launched Galaxy S5 in the morning while HTC launched One (M8) in the evening. HTC One (M8) will be available in the market from Friday (April 4) and Galaxy S5 will be available by April 11. Featuring a number of apps, both manufactures have tall claims. With the Galaxy S5, Samsung has gone back to the drawing board to work on adding real value to our consumers lives, while giving them the best-in-class capabilities on the market,
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    Gadget lets you create your own 3D-printing filament

    Appreciation to Dolce V for the heads up on this post, fantastic find, please send us some more The Stooder is a desktop machine that melts down plastic pellets so that you can create — or recycle — your own filament for 3D printing. 3D printing has such a wide range of applications, and it’s certainly becoming more accessible, but there’s one thing it has in common with its inkjet sibling: print material ain’t exactly cheap. So wouldn’t it be great if you could make your own? There are solutions out there for the home use, but they are few and far between, like Reprap’s instructions for building your own, or the Filabot, which costs at leas
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    Yahoo Scandal

    Mr Pavershoes curated this post and that we loved it a lot that we posted it here, love you loads Yahoo!s policy of recycling inactive email accounts has backfired on them, as new account owners are receiving personal emails that arent meant for them. The policy, active since June, means that Yahoo IDs and addresses are reassigned to a new user if left inactive for a year or more. But obviously both Yahoo! and some of its users got more than they bargained for. The emails have been reported to contain highly sensitive information. As a result, privacy experts have been called in, in order to solve the problem quickly and without further incident. According to a Yahoo! Spokesperson, “Before recycling inactive accounts we attempted to reach the account owners [in] multiple ways
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    Samsung Galaxy S5 review almost brilliant

    Mr Herlosky might not be the orignal author, but curated it for us to use to post on this site, thanks to them and the original author Samsung dominates the smartphone market people increasingly even talk about their Galaxy in the same way they talk about their iPhone and the pressure to maintain that position is immense. Although Samsungs power is built in large part on mass sales of mid-range devices, its flagship is the phone that gets all the attention. The launch of its latest, the new S5, comes just 11 months after the S4, and that in large part explains why there is not that much that is new. The S4 was an excellent device and the S5 comes with the expectation that it will be better. But in reality meaningful innovation takes longer
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    Oculus Rift Facebook sees virtual reality future in $2bn deal

    Kelly takes up the narrative It is a decades-old promise that looked most likely to be realised in fiction rather than fact. Now, though, virtual reality might finally reach the mainstream after Facebook spent $2bn (1.2bn) to buy a manufacturer of futuristic headsets that take control of a person’s field of vision. Late on Tuesday night, Facebook founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said it was time for the social network to “start focusing on what platforms will come next to enable even more useful, entertaining and personal experiences”. The answer, for the billionaire entrepreneur, is contained in the purchase of Oculus, the maker of the distinctive $350 Rift headset which looks like a massive pair of opaque
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    Alien Life Underground

    reported by Jane The relatively recent discovery of life deep under the Earths surface has led some scientists to speculate that extraterrestrial life may also live below the surfaces of other planets. Sean McMahon, a PHD student at the University of Aberdeen and leader of a team researching this theory, believes that the scientific community should be considering more planets with liquid water beneath the surface to be potentially habitable by alien organisms. To this end, McMahon and his team created a computer model that estimates the temperature below the surface of a planet, given the bodys size and relative distance from the sun. The results
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